Redesigning the NHL Part Four: Pacific Division

The wait is over!

I truly apologize for waiting so long to post this. I was waiting to see whether or not the Las Vegas franchise would unveil a name or logo, but after getting a few more requests to post my Pacific Division concepts, I decided to just keep the generic look I gave it.

If you are interested in seeing my concepts for the other three divisions, check out the following links:

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As I’ve stated in the previous sections of this series, some teams should NEVER make any changes to their uniforms. To keep with the consistency of redesigning the entire NHL, however, I have switched up every team’s uniforms, even if my designs are admittedly not anywhere near as good as the real ones.

And, again, most templates are taken from Bmac’s Blog’s NHL 2012 project. Take a look if you’re into more concepts.


Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim home

Anaheim road

The Ducks have done a nice job incorporating more orange into their color scheme, but the piping could use a little work.

The template they used from 2006-2014 was unique and eye-catching, but the color scheme and wordmark logo were dull.

A color scheme with more orange combined and the webbed “D” crest combined with the 2006-2014 template yields a pretty solid result.


Arizona Coyotes

Arizona home

Arizona road

Arizona third

For the home and road jerseys, I took Arizona’s current uniforms and gave them a more traditional striping design reminiscent of what the Coyotes wore before the switch to Reebok.

If you’re wondering where the inspiration for the alternate (and green pants to go with it) came from, just take a look at the old “Picasso Coyote” logo.

Isn’t it weird that there was an actual uniform within the team’s original logo, but nothing close to it was ever worn?


Calgary Flames

Calgary home

Calgary road

Calgary third

Calgary is in dire need of a redesign, and this set just may do the trick.

This combines the Flames’ original jerseys with more recent designs, including the addition of black and the logos. It’s a good mix of past and present that would stand out on the ice in a positive way.


Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton home

Edmonton road

Edmonton third

Edmonton is one of those teams that shouldn’t change a thing about its uniforms.

I didn’t make too many changes to the home and road other than applying the WHA-era template seen on the Oilers’ current third jersey.

For the alternate in this set, I took the current home uniform, swapped orange and blue and added a re-colored version of the wildly popular oil drop logo seen in the mid-2000’s.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas home

Las Vegas road

As mentioned earlier, these jerseys aren’t based off of a certain team name; they’re just generic ideas that would look good for the new Las Vegas franchise regardless of what the team will be known as.

With the Penguins ditching the Vegas Gold, it only seems right that the Vegas team should be the only team in the NHL to not only use it, but use it as a primary color.

My preference for a team name? The Las Vegas Jokers.


Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles home 1

Los Angeles road 1

Los Angeles third

I know the early-2000’s shield logo wasn’t extremely popular, but I came up with the rest of the jersey first and then decided that a re-colored version of said logo would look best.

It’s an intimidating look and is much cleaner than what the Kings currently wear, with a traditional yet unique style of striping and a bold shoulder patch to make everything pop.

The alternate is an exact copy of the Gretzky-era jerseys, but with a re-colored version of the team’s original crown logo.


San Jose Sharks

San Jose home

San Jose road

San Jose third

Still no waist stripes. Sorry, but the Sharks players have made it known that they think waist stripes hinder their performance.

All three jerseys use the team’s original logo as the crest and the current shark fin alternate mark as a shoulder patch.

The home and road use striping patterns reminiscent of the team’s original uniforms.

The alternate looks more like what the Sharks wore before the Reebok era, using a template that really seems to play off of the team’s name. It definitely looks like something you would expect a team called the Sharks to wear.


Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver home

Vancouver road

Step 1: Take Vancouver’s original jerseys.

Step 2: Use the Johnny Canuck logo as the primary crest.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?


2 thoughts on “Redesigning the NHL Part Four: Pacific Division”

  1. Again, great work on these!
    ANA – nothing to add; though I am not sure about the truncated stripes on the back of the torso, I am equally unsure what you could do about it.
    ARZ – it’s a bland set no mater what. As with the Wild and Senators, I don’t think white and off-white look good together.
    CGY – too much black for my liking. The KC Chiefs and old Houston Rockets uniforms prove red/yellow/white is a great combo without the need for black.
    EDM – tough to improve upon a modern classic.
    LV – withholding comment until we get a team name.
    LA – the big crown and the silver/black is exactly it! Never warmed to the shield and the font is too wonky.
    SJ – I like it, not much to say here.
    VAN – yes yes a hundred times yes.

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