Redesigning the NHL Part Two: Atlantic Division

When I started this series with last week’s Redesigning the Metropolitan Division post, I had no idea my designs would receive the praise they got.

I will admit, I think my Metropolitan Division redesign is the best-looking of the four divisions, but hopefully I won’t let you down with this one.

Again, there are several teams (especially in the Atlantic Division) that should NEVER change their jerseys or consider wearing the ones I have designed here, but for consistency reasons, I came up with new designs for every team regardless of whether or not they need a new look.

And, again, most templates are taken from Bmac’s Blog’s NHL 2012 project. Take a look if you’re into more concepts.


Boston Bruins

Boston home

Boston road

Other than the weird yellow socks/black everything else combo on the current home jersey, Boston’s uniforms are fine and don’t really need a change.

Here, however, I decided to replace the black (a color found in many teams’ color schemes) with brown (a color nobody wears in any way) to create more diversity in the league’s color palette and to harken back to the Bruins’ original color scheme of brown and gold.

Also, gold is a color that is normally used as just an accent in the NHL, so I gave the Bruins an even more unique look by making it their primary color.


Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo blue

Buffalo white

As a self-proclaimed “jersey geek”, not many things in hockey infuriate me more than what Buffalo has done with its look.

The Sabres have what may be some of the worst jerseys in the NHL, but are just a few minor fixes away from making it one of the league’s best.

Switch out the dark, depressing blue for a more vibrant royal blue hue, get rid of the outlandish piping down the front and under the arms, swap out any gray got white, get rid of the numbers on the chest and clean up the striping on the white road jersey. Not too hard, is it?


Detroit Red Wings

Detroit home

Detroit Road

Here’s a team that should NEVER, EVER, EVER make any changes to its home and road uniforms.


But, as I said, I had to come up with something different since I’m redesigning the entire NHL.

The Detroit Cougars-style Old English D looked great on Detroit’s 2009 Winter Classic uniforms and still looks pretty good here. The winged wheel still maintains its presence as a shoulder patch (and looks pretty good as one) and the striping, while somewhat similar to the team’s current look, gives these jerseys a more old-school look to go along with the logo and tie-up collar.

It would be a travesty to see the Red Wings ever ditch their current uniforms, but these wouldn’t be a horrible replacement.


Florida Panthers

Florida home

Florida road

Florida third

There’s no sugar-coating it, the new uniforms that the Panthers unveiled earlier in the summer are hideous.

I went back to the original logo and color scheme for the home and road set, but with a more traditional striping pattern. As a result, the Panthers get a very vibrant, eye-popping look reminiscent of a tropical sunrise or sunset over the ocean.


Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Red

Montreal road

Montreal third

Another team whose look should never be touched, other than maybe creating a white jersey to match the home jersey.

Here, I changed the primary logo to the original logo to give way to the crest used from 1922-1924 to give hockey’s most storied franchise a more vintage look. I also moved the numbers up to the shoulders to make room for the current emblem to find a place within the shoulder stripes, reminiscent of what the Habs did from 1924-1935.

I also gave the white jersey a little bit of an off-white hue to add to the vintage theme.

I had a little fun with the alternate sweater, but hey, it seems to give off a French-Canadian vibe that would obviously be very fitting for this team.


Ottawa Senators

Ottawa home

Ottawa road

I realize I am in the minority, but I absolutely love the Sens’ current threads.

With these jerseys, I decided to give Ottawa a more eye-popping and unique look that would likely be more well-received by hockey traditionalists.

For the primary mark, I used a logo that was introduced as part of the team’s 2007 redesign, but never used on a jersey.

Also, I added the barber-pole striping that was seen on the uniforms of the original (1917-1934) Ottawa Senators franchise.


Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay home

Tampa Bay road

I’ve always been a big fan of Tampa Bay’s original logo – much more so than the cartoonish water-mark emblem the Lightning don now.

Rather than looking like the lovechild of the Red Wings and Maple Leafs, albeit with a much worse logo, Tampa returns to its roots and re-establishes its own identity with these threads.

The old color scheme returns, the “victory stripes” under the arms are back and the shoulder patches are the ones from the team’s 2007 redesign to ensure a less-outdated look.


Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto home

Toronto road

The uniforms that the Leafs just unveiled are absolutely spectacular. The crest may be the best in the NHL, and eliminating shoulder yokes or shoulder logos was a brilliant idea so that everyone’s eyes are drawn to the emblem.

As a slight change, however, I made the striping more reminiscent of what the Leafs wore in their early years on their jerseys and, more recently, on their socks.


Hope you enjoyed Part Two of my Redesigning the NHL series! Check back next week for another division!


6 thoughts on “Redesigning the NHL Part Two: Atlantic Division”

  1. Nice work again, man! You were sorta handcuffed with 4 of the Original Six in this division, and some of the most iconic uniforms in the sport.
    BOS – thumbs up, always liked the idea of a deep brown instead of black.
    BUF – royal blue > navy. I would dump the white stripes and just blue/gold but otherwise a major upgrade.
    DET – I’m with you, I wouldn’t change what they have, and the Winged Wheel is too iconic not to be front and center. But this is nice. I would continue the vertically arched NOB though, a very Detroit thing.
    FLA – I actually like the update they did in real life but I also like these. A lot. I would not have minded these as their new set.
    MTL – like with the Wings, I would not touch a thing. But these would work as one-offs.
    OTT – my least favorite of this division. The cream and white don’t work well together, I don’t think the shoulder numbers work well for hockey and the red plume of the senator’s helmet is lost on the red body of the home sweater. I love the barber pole though.
    TB – I’m torn. I prefer the new crest to the old one and I generally like their current, subdued look. I like bringing back the black and blue, like a stormy night.
    TOR – another classic. Love the stripes you used more than the ones they went with on their update.


    1. Thanks I appreciate it! I totally understand what you’re saying about the Ottawa uniforms. I actually think I like their current ones better than the ones I did to be honest.


  2. Adam — The yellow socks are what sets the Bruins apart from other NHL teams. I wish they’d ditch the uniform with the black socks they have now.

    Still, great job on these uniform concepts. But why do so many concepts neglect the pants?


    1. Thanks Robert!

      I know they are what set them apart but there’s something about the yellow socks that just doesn’t seem to fit right unless there’s a yellow jersey to go with them.

      And good question about the pants – they will be included in one of my future concepts (Arizona). The ideas I have for pants for all of these, though, is pretty much exactly what they all wear now. Couldn’t think of any real changes.


  3. Actually love the Habs home and away design! Love the white “CH”, very vintage and classic. Not to sure about the 3rd jersey though, seems to “out there” for the Habs. Nonetheless great job!


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