Ranking MLB’s 2016 Memorial Day Uniforms

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! Time for a blog post.

Once again, all 30 Major League Baseball teams will be wearing special uniforms decked out in camo for Memorial Day.

Every time this day comes around, the decision to tinker with uniforms gets baseball fans in a hot fuss. Camo doesn’t look particularly great on a baseball uniform and since every team is wearing practically the same colors, it can take away from team identity.

However, this is one day of the year and it’s for a good cause. The camo gear seems to sell pretty well and a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause. Quit complaining over something so little and just enjoy a great weekend of the three B’s: barbecue, beer and baseball!

Now even though every team’s uniforms are similar for Monday’s games, some are clearly better than others. Whether it’s about the if the camoed-out font is readable, the clash of camo with other colors or just the overall sleekness of the uniforms, some teams will look a little nicer on Monday than their opponents.

Here’s a full ranking, 1-30, of all 30 Memorial Day uniforms with a picture for reference. Remember, I’m not blaming individual teams for any miscues – everyone had to follow pretty much the same template.

Click on this link for a bigger view of the graphic below.



30. Cleveland Indians

Ok, I lied. I am blaming the Indians for this one.

Notice what’s different about this one than all the others? The shoulder patch. Obviously, some would take offense to the controversial Chief Wahoo logo being colored in with military green like the shoulder patches on the other jerseys, but why is it a big deal?

If the logo seemed out of place on the original jersey (which it didn’t), the awkward color scheme really makes it seem to be on this one.

Also, why go with the boring block “C” on the hat? Chief Wahoo would have stuck out much more and is normally the hat logo that goes with the home white jersey anyway.


29. Seattle Mariners

That shoulder patch logo is all out of whack with the new coloration. It works for some teams, but the Mariners are definitely not one of them.

Also, good luck trying to figure out which logo is on the hat by taking a glance at it. This is a trend you will notice throughout this list.


28. Pittsburgh Pirates

These jerseys are fine in their normal colors, but the font with camo just gives it too busy of a look. The Pirates should have gone with the black alternates with just the “P” logo on the chest.


27. Philadelphia Phillies

I’m breaking my promise again here and blaming the Phillies. This is based on their alternate jersey and while I can understand why they wouldn’t want to put a camo pattern on their home jersey (white with red pinstripes), camo doesn’t look good with cream.

At all.


26. Miami Marlins

The Marlins’ font is tacky on their normal jerseys. Adding camo did not exactly help it…or the shoulder logo.


25. Cincinnati Reds

Not an awful uniform, but another case of the font and camo clashing to create too busy of a look. Also, something seems a little off about the shoulder patch…the coloration could have been done a little better.


24. Atlanta Braves

This is more of a reflection of the original uniform than the Memorial Day one. The script font without any sort of tailing and/or number to go along with it always makes it look like something’s missing. The camo only magnifies this.


23. Milwaukee Brewers

The Brew Crew gets moved up a few spots because of the use of the old glove logo. Nice move.

At the same time, though, this may be the best case of camo making a script illegible. Take a couple steps back from your screen and see if you can tell that the jersey says “Brewers”.


22. Houston Astros

A slightly better version of what the Marlins have going on. The font is just tacky.

On the plus side, the star on the logo looks pretty cool on the hat…once you take a few seconds to search for it.


21. San Francisco Giants

Too many letters with camo. Looks great in black and orange, but this edition is less-than-stellar.


20. Colorado Rockies

Like the Braves, this is more so a reflection on the original jersey. The Rockies need to update their font and maybe get rid of the pinstripes. That’s for another time, though.

On the plus side, the green on the shoulder patch is actually a really nice touch. One of the better ones out there.


19. Los Angeles Dodgers

The camo looks pretty good without a black outline around it, but there are two glaring mistakes with this uniform.

  1. Should have gone with the “Dodgers” script instead. Would have been a much cleaner look.
  2. What is with the shoulder patch? Why is it black? Doesn’t fit well with the rest of the jersey.


18. Minnesota Twins

We’re still in “a little tough to read” territory but these aren’t awful. The hat is okay and the coloration seems to work with the shoulder patch.


17. New York Mets

Now’s about the time to get a little nitpicky. No complaints about the script, but the logo on the hat is nearly invisible and the shoulder patch doesn’t look too great.


16. San Diego Padres

Really no major complaints about this uniform. The letters are a little gaudy and maybe too thick and rounded, but these are better than these abominations.


15. Texas Rangers

This one is right in the middle of the pack. Nothing great, nothing terrible.


14. Boston Red Sox

Very similar to the Rangers, but this one gets the nod because the hat logo seems a little more visible plus the green socks on the shoulder actually look fantastic.


13. Chicago Cubs

Refreshing to see camo on something other than script writing, but this uniform isn’t too great other than that.

The pinstripes still don’t fit too well with the camo look, plus the cap really shows just how boring the “C” logo is without the contrasting blue-and-red color scheme.


12. Detroit Tigers

The Old English D would look better in this template, but that’s not a possibility since the Tigers are playing in Anaheim.

Not to worry, this is still a pretty decent-looking uniform other than the near-invisible hat logo.


11. Chicago White Sox

Using the same camo pattern for every team really shows how similar some teams’ uniforms are to each other.

Chicago’s duds are almost identical to Detroit’s, but they get the edge in the rankings because the lack of piping gives the White Sox a cleaner look.


10. Washington Nationals

The team from the nation’s capital has some pretty solid duds for Memorial Day. Even though “Washington” has a lot of letters for a camo script, it is very legible and looks nice.


9. Oakland Athletics

The shoulder logo doesn’t really waver much from the original since the A’s are actually green, which is maybe why this uniform looks so nice.

Plus, the script looks nice and clean on the white jersey and the cap looks pretty nice.


8. Baltimore Orioles

Maybe it’s just the graphic, but is seems like the Orioles were pretty much the only team that made an effort to make the logo on the cap stick out. That moves them way up the ladder.

To combat it though, the Maryland flag shoulder patch with camo colors just looks like a jumbled mess.


7. Kansas City Royals

Nice touch by the Royals to go without an outline around the script or numbers.


6. New York Yankees

Honestly, six through one could go in any order.

This jersey gets right to the point. No logos, no player names, no nonsense. Just a clean “New York” script and a number, both in fonts that work perfectly with the logo.


5. Tampa Bay Rays

The “Rays” script looks really good in the camo, but it’s the shoulder patch that puts this uni over the top. The green gives the logo an unintentional nod to the Devil Rays days.


4. Toronto Blue Jays

What’s really frustrating is that this would have been No. 1 because the Canadian camo looks great and the Jays’ jersey template is perfect for this treatment.

Unfortunately, they really messed up the cap by making the logo nearly invisible. Why???


3. St. Louis Cardinals

Those birds sitting on the bat. A classic logo with a twist – and it works to perfection.

The camo doesn’t muddy anything up and the Cards’ patented script logo gives a unique take on the Memorial Day template.


2. Arizona Diamondbacks

The camo really suits the Diamondbacks well, especially since they’re a team from the desert.

The script is unique and clean, the snake head shoulder logo is fantastic and the hat isn’t too bad.

Of the seven thousand jerseys Arizona will wear this year, this may honestly be the best one.

Thank goodness the D-Backs are paying at home on Monday, though. Camo with the ridiculously dark away jerseys may have put them dead last on this list.


1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Tough to pick a No. 1, but the Angels get the nod.

The jersey is clean, unique, legible and has a really solid-looking shoulder patch. To make things even better, the logo really seems to pop on the cap; something hardly any other team can say.

This one passes all the tests.


**This post was done in honor of all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of others. Not only our American soldiers, but firemen and policemen as well. Thank you all for your selflessness and may God bless you and your families**



Full NHL Eastern Conference Final Predictions


After two ridiculously exciting rounds of hockey, four teams remain in the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2016.

The Eastern Conference Final will feature the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning: two high-scoring teams playing their best hockey of the year at the perfect time.

The Penguins last played in the Conference Final in 2013, getting swept in somewhat embarrassing fashion by the Boston Bruins. Pittsburgh is looking for its fifth Eastern Conference title and first berth in the Stanley Cup Final since 2009.

Tampa Bay has dealt with significant injury issues to captain Steven Stamkos and top-four defenseman Anton Stralman. However, the Lightning had no problem getting through the first two rounds, breezing past the Detroit Red Wings and New York Islanders in five games each.

These teams have met just once before in the postseason. The Penguins took a 3-1 series lead in the first round in 2011, but the Lightning stormed back and rattled off three straight wins to cap an epic comeback.

Game One is Friday night in Pittsburgh. The teams will resume action again on Monday and play every other day until the series is over. All games will start at 8pm ET.


Game One

Fresh off of an emotional series-clinching overtime win against arch-rival Washington, the Penguins will come out flying against a Lightning team that has not played in nearly a week.

Carl Hagelin opens up the scoring for Pittsburgh and Conor Sheary follows with an insurance tally before the end of the first.

However, two quick goals by Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat tie things back up in the second.

The Penguins regain the lead minutes later as Patric Hornqvist beats Ben Bishop. Pittsburgh adds an empty-netter and takes Game One, 4-2.


Game Two

Sidney Crosby gets the monkey off his back and puts the Pens up 1-0.

The Pittsburgh offense suddenly goes cold against Bishop, though, allowing the Bolts to make some noise. Two goals from Nikita Kucherov and another from Cedric Paquette give Tampa Bay a 3-1 lead that stands until the final buzzer.


Game Three

The series shifts to Tampa deadlocked at one.

This time, the Lightning grab the first goal thanks to Jonathan Drouin. Ryan Callahan gives the Bolts a brief two-goal lead in the second period, but Evgeni Malkin cuts it back to 2-1 with a powerplay goal.

Alex Killorn and Victor Hedman both get on the scoresheet in the third while Bishop stymies the Penguins again. Tampa wins, 4-1, and takes a 2-1 series lead.


Game Four

Despite scoring just a goal each in the past two games, the media turns its head toward the goaltending situation and calls for the Penguins to start Marc-Andre Fleury over rookie Matt Murray.

Head coach Mike Sullivan does not give in and sends Murray out again in Game Four, where he turns in a solid performance.

Pittsburgh scores the first goal thanks to Trevor Daley, but the Lightning soon storm ahead on a gritty goal from Brian Boyle and a blast from Hedman.

The third period begins with the Lightning up 2-1, but Patric Hornqvist finds the back of the net to knot things back up. Eric Fehr follows up with the go-ahead goal and the Penguins hold the line to win 3-2, sending the series back to Pittsburgh tied.


Game Five

Back in the Steel City, a crucial Game Five turns into a goaltending battle. Matt Cullen puts the Penguins up 1-0 midway through the second, but the Lightning even it up with a goal from Matt Carle.

No scoring in the third period means we will see overtime for the first time in this series.

Both goalies keep the puck out in the first overtime, but Tom Kuhnkackl becomes the hero in the second after Ian Cole hits him on a stretch pass for a breakaway goal. Penguins win, 2-1.


Game Six

Nick Bonino finally gets on the scoresheet by putting the Penguins up 1-0 early in the second period. The lead stretches to two and then three as Phil Kessel and Bryan Rust add insurance markers.

Things get a little bit dicey in the third, though. Killorn scores two goals for the Lightning to shave the deficit to just one, but Murray and the Penguins are able to hold on to win, 3-2, and take the series in six games.